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How to setup Email Account Sync with Android

This article will help you setup Email Account Synchronization(IMAP) with any IOS device. Text in BLUE requires your action.

Step 1: Getting Started
Tap on Email icon in your home screen. Alternatively it can be found in Apps Drawer or Apps Tray.

Step 2: Tap on Add Account
If this is not your first email account added into your device, while inside the Email Inbox view, touch the "Settings" key to go to the Add Account screen.

Step 3: Set Up Account Screen

Very simple, the first field is your full email address, the second is the email password, and then tap Next

Step 3 Screen

Step 4: Choosing Account Type -> IMAP Account

Step 4 Screen

Step 5: Incoming Server Settings

Email Address: Full Email Address
Username: Full Email Address
Password: Email Password
IMAP Server: mail.yourdomain.com

Others as default.
Step 5 Screen

Step 6: Outgoing Server Settings

SMTP Server: mail.yourdomain.com
Security Type, Port as default
Require Sign-in : Check
Username: Full Email Address
Password: Email Password

Step 6 Screen

Step 7: Sync Options
All these are personal options and straight forward. It is advised to leave the sync schedule greater than 15 minutes to avoid overloading the server.

Step 7 Screen

Step 8: Identity
Just give the account a name for easier identification from other emails, and then your outgoing email display name. You are done here.

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