Regarding GST 2015.

Dear Customers,Welcome to the 10th year of Nixser. We understand that most businesses are having hassles due to the new GST implementation, some of you might also be impacted by the low performance of Ringgit Malaysia recently. We fully understand the situation and decided to go through this time of hardship with all of our precious customers ... إقرأ المزيد »

30th Mar 2015
New launch Support and Billing system for all our customer

To ensure maximum security, we strongly recommend all existing/new clients to register in our new system that will handle support and billing.

Register now!

17th Feb 2012
Business transferred from Cobweb Sdn Bhd

TO: All Cobweb Sdn Bhd Customers. Date: 1st October 2011 Dear customers of Cobweb Sdn Bhd, We hope everyone is doing well in business. We wish to welcome everyone with our warmest hospitality and thanks. From today onwards we will be responsible for all your web related matters, including but not limited to: Customer Billing. Customer ... إقرأ المزيد »

15th Nov 2011