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How to setup Email Account Sync with Mozilla Thunderbird

This article will help you to setup email account using email application Mozilla Thunderbird.

Step 1: Download and Install Mozilla Thunderbird
Go to https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/ to download and install the application. 

Install Mozilla Thunderbird

Step 2: Choose Email Account
Fill in the textbox if you want to create new email account or you can use your email account by pressing on the use my existing account button.

Choose Email Account

Step 3: Mail Account Setup
Enter your name, Email Address and password of your email and click continue.

Mail Account Setup

Step 4: Configuration
The configuration will automatically found. But you can manually edit the configuration by pressing manual config and click button done. 


Step 5: Add Security Exception
You can proceed by simply click on the confirm security exception button.

Add security Exception

Step 6: You’re done!
Now you have email application in your pc with your email account. Click on your email address for the setting.

Mozilla Thunderbird

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