How to setup Email Account Sync with IOS

This article will help you setup Email Account Synchronization(IMAP) with any IOS device. Text in BLUE requires your action.

Step 1 – Tap the Settings icon from your Home screen

IOS Settings Button

Step 2 – Tap Mail, Contact, Calendars

Step 2 Screen

 Step 3 – Tap Add Account

Step 3 Screen


Step 4 – Tap Other

Step 4 Screen


Step 5 – Make sure IMAP is selected (the default), and fill in the fields as follows:

  • Name : Enter your name as you would like your correspondents to see it.
  • Email : Enter the full email address that you want to sync
  • Description : Enter a description for this mail account(Anything to help you identify it)

Incoming & Outgoing Mail Server settings should be exactly the same as follows:

  • Host Name :
  • Username : full email address
  • Password : email password

When you have done all that, tap Next (top right).

Step 5 Screen

Step 6 – Turn off Notes

Turn off the Notes switch by tapping it, and tap Save

Step 7 Screen

Step 7 – Configure more settings

You should now be returned to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen. Tap your new account entry.

Step 8 Screen


Step 8 – Tap the account as shown

Step 9 Screen

Step 9 – Tap Advanced settings

Step 10 Screen

Step 10 – IMAP Path Prefix

Scroll to the bottom and enter IMAP for the IMAP Path Prefix

Step 10 Screen

In this step if you frequently receive popup message stating that "Cannot verify server identity", you can turn off "Using SSL"

Step 11 – Set IMAP Mailbox Behaviours

This stage is important because otherwise your Sent, Drafts and Trash will be stored locally on your iPhone, and you won’t be able to see them when accessing your mailbox from another computer or webmail.

Start by tapping Sent Mailbox

Step 12 Screen

Step 12 – Connect to correct IMAP folder

You will see that currently there is a little blue tick next to the Sent folder ON MY IPHONE. Just tap the Sent folder under ON THE SERVER.

Step 13 Screen

After which you will be returned to the Advanced screen (Step 11) – repeat this process for the Drafts and Deleted folders, connecting them to the server’s Drafts and Trash folders respectively.

Step 14 – Saving Everything.

Once you are back to the Advanced screen, don’t forget to tap Account (top left) to return to the Account screen, and then tap Done (top right) otherwise your advanced settings won’t be saved.

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