Basic Usage of Webmail (Roundcube)

This article will help you to add a knowledge about the basic usage of the Webmail (Roundcube). 

1. Sign-In the Webmail
Insert your email address and the password to log in the webmail. 

Webmail sign-in page

2. Roundcube
Click on the Roundcube image from home page. You will be able to access home page of the Roundcube.

Webmail home page

3. Mailbox
When you click the Roundcube, you will go directly to the inbox. Just pressing the other options such as Draft, Sent, Junk and Trash if you want to view the mails.

Roundcube Home Page

4. Mark an Email
You can choose whether you want the mail to be unread or read, flag or not.

Step 1: Choose Email.

Step 2: Click on the Mark image.

Step 3: Choose your choice.

Mark the Email

5. Compose
 an Email
To compose the email, just click on the compose image.

Compose an Email

Compose an Email

The email signature will automatically appended to the end of an email message you send. You can attach some files and also add carbon copy or blind carbon copy when you compose an email. There is also an options for the priority of the emails. 

6. Move Email
You can move the emails recieved to the other folders that you want.

Step 1: Choose Email.

Step 2: Click More.

Step 3: Tap on the Move To.

Step 4: Choose your folder.

Move the email

You can also use this step to copy the emails to other folders by choosing the copy to.

7. Address Book
Click on the address book at the top right of the page. you will be able to see the list of your Group and your Contacts

Address Book

8. Add Contact
You can add contact by click on the additional(+) button in the contact column and add the information about the contact.

Add Contact

If you want to delete the contact, you can click the dustbin button. You can also upload contact from an existing address book by pressing the import button at the top of the page.

There are 4 type of setting with many section. You can edit the common setting such as the interface, mailbox view, composing setting and etc. 

Step 1: Choose your setting.

Step 2: You’re the Section

Step 3: Edit your setting.


10. Email Signature.
You can also insert your email signature in the setting so they can appear whenever you compose an email.

Step 1: Choose identities setting.

Step 2: Click your identities that you want to edit.

Step 3: Insert your signature.

Email Signature

You now can easily use this Roundcube. 
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